Eral Molds was established in 1977 by Mr. Avi Levy, a serial Israeli industrialist who is the active General Manager of the company till today.

Eral Molds specializes in producing state-of-the-art molds for the food and storage, DIY and Automotive industries.

Eral Molds has been involved in many successful projects in the food and storage industry, both in the local and in the international markets.

During the last few years Eral Molds has been concentrating in the production of advanced molds that are intended for thin wall plastic containers, mainly for the food and storage industry.

Based on modern and state-of-the-art equipment, Eral Molds strives to improve its manufacturing process on a constant and permanent basis together with the employment of highly experienced personnel. This enables Eral Molds to offer premium and cost effective products to its clients.
Eral Molds mission is to provide its clients with highly standard products, assuring strict quality control during the manufacturing process. Eral Molds products are considered to be very cost effective, thus, providing its clients with enduring peace of mind.  
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